Ok so this is what I’m asked all the time followed by the following question, “So, whose still celibate?” Of course everyone knows at least one or two people that have publicly stated they are virgins or remaining celibate until marriage. However, the vocal support of celibacy is basically non-existence so in turn many people believe no one is holding out until marriage.

In today’s we have become a NOW and FREE community. We want everything instantly and the cheapest way possible. This is even true when it comes to sex, unfortunately. Sex was once revered and a person “holding out” until marriage was even honored and respected highly. Nowadays the opposite is occurring in spite of the rise in children born with AIDS, teen pregnancy, and STDS. As adults we want the best for our life and “free” sex is not in my opinion the best for my life. By free I mean without a commitment to marriage. Actually sex always comes at a price but we’ll discuss that in weeks to come…

To bring this blog to a close… Yes, sex is great and even amazing when placed in the right context (marriage) and for the correct production (children and expression of intimate love for spouse). When you make a decision to live a celibate life doesn’t mean you are a “hater” against sex, but want to save the ‘best’ for your beau!

More to come in the coming weeks:) Thanks for reading!