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Now this chapter gets the most reviews and comments more than any other chapter in my book. In this chapter I’m getting the reader to decided what he/she has in their current relationship, as well as determine what they want. Being in a relationship with anyone from a friend, family member or significant other, a certain intimacy level exists. That’s how we are able to have inside jokes because we can just look at each other in a particular setting and begin laughing with no one else understanding why.

Intimacy takes time to development and unlike trust it takes more than a moment to lose. Intimacy requires you to love, trust, honor, and respect the other person. It also makes you vulnerable, which can be good or bad. However, if the individual has your best interest at heart he/she will not use any information against you. When in a courting relationship you are talking to this individual almost daily to find out more about his or her dislikes, likes, and loves. This isn’t a time to speak about meaningless topics leading to nowhere. Instead, this is an opportunity to find out the most important things about this person.

In my book I have an “Intimacy Quiz” which I advise everyone especially if you’re courting right now to take. You have to purchase the book or go to link below to read entire chapter. I will leave you with one question to assist with developing intimacy in your current or future ‘romantic’ relationship.

Question: Are you and your partner on the same page concerning your relationship? Why or why not?