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A few years ago the discovery of the HPV vaccination was found by scientists. A year later the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asked legislators to provide this vaccine for girls as young as eleven years old. A year after it was introduced to states legislation about 20 states a year later enacted legislation. According to a CNN anchor, “The HPV vaccine is mandatory for all girls entering middle school to have in California and the District of Columbia.” Just two days ago breaking news across America was the recommendation from the CDC that boys should also be vaccinated as early as eleven years old.

I am all for preventing diseases but when you are giving the responsibility to a child to get their own vaccine even without their parents consent is too far. Yes, children don’t usually ask their parents when they can become sexually active…It just happens, right?! HPV infects about 6.2 million people a year, which in turn has increased the rise of cervical cancer and genital warts. About 70% of cervical cancer and 90% genital warts cases are linked to four strains of HPV. (National Conference of State Legislation, Go 14381)

The promotion for this vaccine is mainly preventing cervical cancer. The CDC and other organizations consciously fail to acknowledge that there is no treatment for HPV just for related health problems, such as cervical cancer. The goal should be to find ways to help young adults and teens wait on having sex and not participating in oral sex. Cervical cancer and genital warts are the most preventive diseases because they are directly linked to having sex with various partners no matter if you use contraceptives.

Question: Should your niece/nephew, godchild, grandchild, son or daughter be vaccinated?

Call to Action: I dare you to converse this week with a close teen or young adult about their point of view and most importantly due thorough research.