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As all my followers know on Friday’s I try to loosen things up! Being the abstinence expert and all, the weekend is a really high point! For example, what are most of you going to do this weekend? Chill with who? Hang out where? Go on a date with who? Exactly. Either way if your between the ages of 18-30 you most definitely are not staying home on the weekends and not alone. So don’t let one weekend change your life… However that doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy, while celibate.

Whether you’re going to happy hour after work, a weekend get together, the club on Saturday night, a concert, or a dinner date you want to look our best! In other words, be sexy. Yes it’s not a typo I typed S-E-X-Y! In all honestly when the weekend comes we, especially women, are excited because we get to go somewhere to wear our new “sexy” outfit. As a single woman this is often the case, if we admit it or not.

So this weekend I want you all to be sexy, but DON’T HAVE SEX! I hear you all exhaling hard and yes, it’s possible. Check out my friend’s website for some great styles and tips, April Spicer.

Sexy: sexually attractive or exciting.

Cute: attractive in a pretty or endearing way.

Now which way would you like to be remembered?…

Call to Action: Be sexy without having sex! Be safe:)