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Great! I have your attention… I wanted to take the time at the beginning of this year to let all my 500+ followers know that this blog will be addressing more than celibacy. The future topics maybe a little PG-13 but it’s about time someone states the truth in regards to the celibate single life!

I must admit this lifestyle is not easy, but definitely worth it! If you have some topics you would like discussed or blogged about let me know via comment or message. I am also accepting inquiries of guest bloggers. So, if you’re a blogger or know a blogger with expertise on a related topic I would love to give you/him/her a platform to share. (For more details e-mail me at rarejewelinc@gmail.com)

So starting this week the “More than SEX!” category will have fresh material covering such topics as:




and so much more!

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