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The hot song

I’m Sexy and I know it

has become one of the top searches on YouTube again mainly due to the new M&M’s commercial and individuals editing President Obama speeches to the song. (see link below)
It’s quite a catchy song but should or could a celibate individual be sexy?

Sexy simply means appealing. Not enticing. Being sexy is similar to swagger it takes time to develop and people notice it without you stating, “I’m sexy.” There is something about each person that makes him/her sexier than others it may be their athletic ability or intellect. Whatever characteristic you have that makes you feel and appear sexy this weekend make sure to highlight this in some or all your activities. You can be sexy without wearing provocative clothing! Authentic sexiness comes from within.

The question for you this weekend is to discover what about YOU is sexy aka appealing?

I’m sexy and I know it!

Call to Action: Don’t be afraid to be SEXY!