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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Goodies? It’s okay don’t be afraid to admit it…

For some older readers it’s the British comedians show from the 1970’s-80’s entitled…

While the rest of 80’s and 90’s babies know the name for the variety colored sweet candy goodies 

However, the term is most famous for music artist Ciara’s 2004 hit song “Goodies”. As some readers already know this was not a show or candy 🙂 The lyrics to this song is suggesting that even though she’s comfortable in flaunting her sexuality or sexiness don’t get it twisted! She is not just having sex with him. Now I hear some of my supporters saying, “Why do we need to use a mainstream artist to encourage our girls to keep their ‘goodies’?” My response is because let’s be real our teens and young adults know Ciara and probably listen to her music.

I also hear my other supporters saying, “Why must we separate the message from the artist if they’re supporting abstinence or celibacy let’s support it.” Neither supporter is wrong but being involved on a weekly basis with our young generation previous tactics of persuasion are not working! This generation, especially girls need to know they can be  have swag without giving up their goodies. Now the video below is a little controversial but as you already know that’s were like to be on the edge 😉

Let’s use the goodies candy as an example if you open the bag then you are bound to eat the candy right! So I propose to you don’t open the bag. Imagine someone giving you a bag of goodies for your birthday but the bag is half empty. How do you feel? What would you do? Your first question maybe something to the effect of, “What happened to rest of the candy?” The details of that response is for another post…

Now you don’t want to come to your wedding night in hopes to receive a full bag of Goodies to only find out that your gifter has only half a bag.

CALL TO ACTION: Make verbal stance to share that you’re saving your goodies until marriage. In other words let’em know via FB, Twitter, in-person, through a text, MY GOODIES ARE NOT FOR SALE!