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Compiling the information for this post my ideas and rhetoric were everywhere on how to make this point clear and simple. I am often asked, “Is it okay to date?” My response to adults is yes. Do I date?… tell you more later. I love to keep you waiting until the end. (smile)

Before I go further the title of this post is suggesting that after a date is it okay for a guy to come inside your home? As I know many of you have seen the new highly publicized movie, “Think Like A Man”. Meegan Good’s character in that movie commits to the 90-day rule of not having sex with a guy until 90 days of dating have passed. One may say that’s pretty simple if you keep him away from your home and vice versa. However, letting a guy into your home does not necessarily mean sex is about to transpire. A quite hilarious moment in the movie was the fact that the guy’s expectations were crushed. Only cookies he had that night were mint Milano’s (lol).

I may lose a few of my supporters on this statement, but letting him or her (fellas) into your home does not equal SIN! Uh, some of you have stop reading come back… Letting him/her in gives the impression that you may want or be offering more than just friendly conversation. If you are not a person who has sex outside of marriage don’t appear to. You get it. However, I do hear the other readers saying I’m discipline enough not to do that. Well this post just may not be for you.

For everyone else who may get a little weak in their knees when they are alone with their partner DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!

Ok so back to the question on dating… I personally do not “date”. If we believe our relationship has developed to more than friends then we may begin to court. So are you all happy I have answered the most asked question;-)

CALL TO ACTION: DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! Make the right choice it can change your life forever.