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Who’s by your side? Fellas what woman is that ride or die chick in your life? Ladies, who’s that guy you can always rely on? The person in your mind only took a couple of seconds to come up with. I want to address the power of intimacy. Let me first state that intimacy is not something that is physical but an emotional and spiritual bond that is developed over time. So basically sex is not needed for a couple to have an intimate relationship. This in turn is why many relationships are destroyed, because the level of intimacy that is needed to grow a healthy relationship is vacant. In turn, one of the two partners has established an intimate relationship with someone else, which causes the process to develop an intimate relationship with their partner difficult.

A popular song right now is “Right by Your Side” by Nikki Minaj Ft. Chris Brown. This song clearly outlines the intimate relationship Nikki for her partner but she is also “renting” this other guy. Everyone be ware of individuals that are only renting you because trust they have a true relationship with another.

Ladies, who do you really want by your side? A man that wants to know everything about you and grow with you or a guy that just wants to “smash” with you every now and then.

Fellas, be honest at the end of your player days you want a real woman. A woman that you can share your dreams with and a woman who will not only encourage you but also support those dreams.

In an intimate relationship the little things can mean the most when they are absent. Instead of planning to receive all the physical aspects of a relationship, such as gifts and money plan on receiving the things that matter TRUST and LOVE.

The girl and guy in this song just desire to be with each other not have a sexual relationship. Key phrase is, “I’m pouring out my heart…”

I want to end with this verse from the song…

“It all comes down to this,

I miss your morning kiss

I won’t lie, I’m feeling it

You don’t know

I’m missing it I’m so dumb, I must admit

It’s too much to hold it in

I can’t say no more than this

I just hope your heart hear me now

Gotta let you know how I’m feeling

You own my heart he just renting

Don’t turn away, pay attention

I’m pouring out my heart oh boy”


I-I, I’m not living life

I’m not living right

I’m not living if you’re not by my side

CALL TO ACTION: Begin to develop true intimacy within your relationship. Questions to help start the conversation check out Sex vs Intimacy