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After Thursday’s post HOT Celebrity Virgins!I received more e-mails and views in a few hours than I’d received the entire week! Lol. I’m assuming a lot of individuals are intrigued with celebrities lifestyles especially romantic affairs. A topic I often discuss is intimacy and making sure my readers and followers understand the importance of developing intimacy within a relationship, without having SEX.

Intimacy begins with YOU. How well do you know you? Are you comfortable with the real you? Ok that’s another post… So on to developing intimacy outside of the bedroom. I advise every reader to check out my chapter Sex vs Intimacy read this as a couple. True intimacy is what has encouraged the following couples to remain celibate until they say I do. The popular saying, “No ring no ding or thing!” Only holds you over until you receive that ring! Ladies you know the temptation to “hold out” is more challenging when you have a glistening Harry Winston yellow diamond engagement ring on your finger! (see below)

This is way the commitment to remain celibate until marriage and in the mean time develop “true” intimacy is the decision of both parties. Trust me the struggle to remain celibate is just as difficult for women as for men, especially when a woman has emotionally connected with the man. The slideshow below are of celebrities that we sometimes envy or consider role models who have committed or re-committed to remain celibate until their wedding night.

Each couple has admitted that the process wasn’t easy but definitely worth it. Whether it’s two months like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon or 3 years such as Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley the decision to develop intimacy outside of the bedroom establishes great friendships and lasting relationships.

CALL TO ACTION: If they can do it you and your partner can too! Be encouraged;-) 

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