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“Can I get your phone number?” Many young men and even women ask this question nowadays… However, what does this mean? Does the individual really want to speak with you? Do they want to simply win a bet with their friends that they could get your number? Whatever the case may be we have all regretfully given out our real number once or twice.

The way to get asked out on a date is so complicated today. For example, I was recently asked out via “Words with Friends.” Yes, the popular app on iPhone. LOL I know you are like what?! Yes, this is true but the guy wasn’t a complete stranger, but an acquaintance I met in person and challenged to beat in the game. We had been playing for about a week and half before this message was sent, with no conversing. So you know I was a little shocked when I received this message. For all you noisy people; no I didn’t give him my number and did not go out with him. I responded the nicest way I knew how and left it at that. J

The way you hook up can tell a lot about if “it” will be a relationship or not. You probably have heard the saying, “Do not date anyone you’ve met at a bar/club or online.” So some of you ask, “where do I go?” I don’t want to answer that question because where your life partner may be I’m unaware. Personally I’m not a fan of online dating and I don’t go to clubs.

Wherever you meet him/her make sure you establish friendship FIRST! We know that physical attraction is the first thing you notice but don’t let this be the foundation of pursuing a relationship. PLEASE NOTE: Their some ugly FINE people in the world!

So as we have all heard dating is not a God-ordained plan but rather courting. However, dating is simply an “informal social appointment.” Therefore, someone can go on a “date” with his or her friend, mom, or boyfriend. The re-defining of words has caused an entire group of people to stay away from a vital development stage of a relationship. How can you court someone without first knowing some things about them as a “friend.”


CALL TO ACTION: Be careful how you “hook up.” Go on a date this weekend with someone that you’re not trying to pursue a relationship with. This way you can learn how to “date.” For example: Your dad because it’s FATHER’S DAY!