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Now that you are reading this you are probably thinking I know she didn’t… However, if you’re a frequent reader you know on Friday’s I love to make it a little edgy. As society tells us men think about sex often. So what is this post going to discuss?…

Men love the F-word but are afraid of it at the same time. The F-word allows women to view the men differently. Are men only about the F-Word? Enough with the suspense I’m going to just say it, well type it, F-E-E-L-I-N-G-S. Ok now that your heads are out of the gutter. Lol Let’s move on.


Today’s post s inspired by David Zinczenko author of, “Men, Love & Sex” this is a guidebook about men for women. David addresses a lot of issues and one that stood out the most to me was the topic of feelings. We often hear, “women are more emotional than men” and “women express their feelings more often.” However, David proves this not to be necessarily true but rather our perception because of the way we (as women) go about trying to make our men express their feelings.


As reading this book I thought about how we as women want an emotional experience without knowing that men want the same thing their just not going to say it. As women we have to talk less and observe more. In an effort to develop “true” intimacy we must know the way to our man’s heart and be ready to make what he loves important to us as well, such as his weekly basketball games with the fellas. Show up one night to support him and tell him he looked so fine when he crossed up a defending player. That will make your man feel so good inside and you’ll be surprised at what he may open up about later on without you even prying for information. “70% of men who agree that regular compliments directed their way are important.” (David Zinczenko, Men, Love & Sex)








An area in David’s book is entitled, “Say this not that”, this phrase stood out most in this particular chapter:

SAY THIS: I wish I could say this in a way that makes more sense to you.

NOT:  You don’t understand me.

BECAUSE: Miscommunication is a two-way street.

I could go on for days about this topic but we as women must realize that our men have feelings and want to share them but in their timing and own way.

CALL TO ACTION: Be QUIET and observe how men in your life express their feelings especially your partner 🙂 and read this book ==> Men, Love & Sex