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Today began with historic breaking news! Supreme Court has ruled the Affordable Care Act (ACA) constitutional in that the individual mandate requiring uninsured Americans to buy health insurance. No matter what political stance you have this is a significant day in history. Organizations such as the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, the CEO Sarah Brown stated this about what the act will be, “Improving pregnancy planning and prevention through evidence-based programs and wider access to contraception are cost effective and widely-supported ways to improve child and family health and well-being.”

I have read many reviews, articles, and watched world news on this historic day. However, I have not heard from any religious-affiliated organizations that teach abstinence… I personally consider it a plus because this is an opportunity for Title V Abstinence Education Program to receive funding for abstinence education, counseling, and adult supervision programs that promote abstinence. With that being said this is a wonderful opportunity for abstinence organizations to receive funding and truly make a difference within the next generation.

Whether you are a support of the act or not you need to know the facts and what will be best for our future generations. Even though the ACA is helping the abstinence programs it is also increasing funding for contraceptives. Will this increase the participation of sex before marriage? We must remember that HIV/AIDS and STDs can still transfer in spite of contraceptives. I close with this question: Is the ACA affordable for our next generation as well financially, emotionally, and physically?

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