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What are high school teen girls really talking about on their cell phones and Facebook? According to, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy report senior teen girls in high school were surveyed about their advice to younger girls, their regrets, and what they really think about sex and relationships.  The full report may be quite surprising to some adults. I am glad that it highlights that all teens are not sex and relationship driven. Some teen girls even actually know the difference between sex and a relationship.

Highlights of the article are:

  • 76% of senior girls who have had sex say they would change something about their first time if they could re-do it.
  • 72% of senior girls say they have talked to their friends about contraception.
  • 68% of senior girls say they’ll still want to talk to their parents about sex, love, relationships, and pregnancy prevention in the future just as much as they did while in high school.
  • 43% of senior girls who have already had sex wish they’d waited longer

As my book so greatly states, NOT EVERYONE IS HAVING SEX! This report let’s us see numerous things about our teens are wanting from us elders, communication. Not every teen is sexting or wanting to receive all their knowledge about sex from their peers.

Please share and read this report with some local teens girls in your church, community or home. Teen girls are future women and if we truly want the best for them we must give them the best NOW.

CALL TO ACTION: Download report and share with a teen near you! Girl Talk: What Senior Girls Have to say about Sex, Love, and Relationships