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Sexting is more prevalent than parents realize or want to admit. Unsurprising it’s just as common among adults if not more so. These stats can only be derived from individuals consent and we have all participated in surveys not fully telling the truth. The option that made us look better is usually what we chose.

A Harris Interactive poll recently found that “one in five Americans sext or share racy text messages with other on their smartphones.” The largest group of ‘sexters’ are between the ages of 18-34 years old. Similar to other things such as alcohol or drugs we ask where does the child get this from? The answer continues to be parent or older sibling. The same is true with sexting. We must all realize that one second can literally change your life forever. The same way it did for former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, his Twitter photo quickly made it’s way around social media sites. Only then have we even taken interest in knowing if adults were sexting.

Sexting end results have been worst amongst teens, from bullying and to teens committing suicide because their photo has been spread across the school via text message. This is a very serious manner that has caused such states as Utah, to make this illegal and in turn cause the consequences quite serious for anyone either teen or adult.

Sexting is just another reason why it’s so important to have the discussion and action steps to remaining abstinent and celibate. As adults we must live what we preach. The next generation follows what they see not what they hear. Be the example! Remaining pure means no sexting as well.

Call to Action: Check out your niece, nephew, god children, and children’s phones and computers. Don’t yell at them but have a discussion on how to overcome this addiction. If you need more assistance check out this website =>U Know Kids