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WOW! Big shocker to my followers… Well, let me explain. Safe sex is defined two ways but you probably only know one. The first way, which is the original way, is sex within marriage only. The second way, which I like to call the counterfeit, is using contraceptives during sexual intercourse with anyone. As many of us know from firsthand experience or just from our peers contraceptives aren’t safe. They can’t keep you from getting AIDs, certain STDs, and most importantly they can’t protect your heart or emotions.

As I’ve mentioned before the intimate level a couple can reach within relationship far exceeds sex. However, sex is almost like a physical reaction that takes place once that level of intimacy has been reached. Without getting to involved in that aspect let’s focus more on the original way of “safe sex.” This form of “safe sex” is unfortunately only mentioned every couple of years when some celebrity, athlete or influential person begins to promote it. However, to me it is something that should always coincide topics of sex especially to the next generation. We haven’t successfully passed this message on but instead only placed it with religious sectors limiting its ability to reach the masses.

What form of “safe sex” are you practicing? Is it only because you are currently not dating? Would your “safe sex” beliefs change if you were in a serious relationship? These are questions that will allow you to know why you believe the way you do and why it’s important to you. The way one is nurtured has influence but once an individual is an adult the decisions they make usually come 100% from their own beliefs or ideas.

CALL TO ACTION: Begin practicing safe sex TODAY! If you want to know more on how to do so e-mail ME at dleunlimited@gmail.com