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In honor of the wonderful, skillful and gone to soon great singer, Whitney Houston’s new movie this post will be dedicated.

This weekend I’m challenging every reader of this blog to “Sparkle” in your own way. Men I know you probably think that term is to feminine so how about we say “bling.” Lol

Sparkle: means be lively, be exuberant, witty and most importantly full of life!

Many times living this celibate life people expect for your life to be somewhat shockingly different than others… If you know me a little I’m not that person at all! I don’t want you to be either. Just because you’ve made one of the best decisions in your life for whatever reason, I want you to still live the life God has destined for you to the fullest!! So this weekend “sparkle!” If you are in a relationship make it exciting by doing something together you all have never done (not sex:-)). Do something spontaneous?


CALL TO ACTION: Don’t just be sext this weekend, but SPARKLE! Let the world know the witty and lively part of YOU! CHECK OUT NEW VIDEO “CELEBRATE” by Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks…