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OMG! “I’ve made a decision to remain celibate until marriage but my emotions have gotten the best of me literally!” This may be your statement as of yesterday, today or tomorrow whenever it may be some individuals have been here. The determination and commitment to stay focused on remaining celibate was going well. Until Mr./Ms. Perfect came along, this individual could be your ideal partner or a former partner. Either way something about him/her and yourself made you forget even the word celibacy.

The thing about our emotions/hormones is that they are very powerful. As you may know Law of Attraction works in all aspects of life not just business. Therefore, when we attract the person we have always thought we wanted/needed it is VERY hard to just walk away. I just want to encourage you that even though this happened or may happen don’t get down on yourself but instead get off the couch or bed STOP crying about it.

In the words of Aaliyah, “Dust yourself off and try again…” Today as most of my readers know the creative, charismatic and talented artist Aaliyah left earth at just 21 years old. I’m not only dedicating this post in her memory but highlighting one of her top hits as a reminder that the celibacy pact isn’t over for YOU if you’ve slipped up.

I will close with a few action steps that could assist you with getting over this:-)

CALL TO ACTION: 1. Forgive yourself 2. Re-define or eliminate your relationship with this individual 3. Re-establish your celibacy pact