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The above picture greatly displays our emotions when we see something we REALLY want. As mentioned yesterday our “lust of the eyes” can be junk food, alcohol, drugs or sex. Our eyes is often what leads to us getting in trouble. I say us because everyone faces temptation it’s just that some of us can overcome temptation a little easier than others. Just like you I’m taking part in this “30-Day Purity Pact” because there’s some things I need to eliminate out of my life as well.

I know my audience is mainly here to find out how to get these sexual emotions under control. I hear you all but we must first establish a foundation that’s going to keep us grounded on this continual walk. As many of you know I credit my strength totally to my relationship with God.

So how do we overcome this lust of the eyes?… I’m going to tell you what has worked for my clients and myself. Do you walk around covering your eyes? No. Do you just stay in the house all day? No.


Someone told, “to overcome a fear of something I must FACE IT head on.” I have applied this to various areas of my life and been quite successful in overcoming fear. In turn, I thought this could be used with temptation as well. However, there is a little process that the person didn’t mention to me… The physical and mental preparation needed to overcome. Below is a list of what I’ve done physically and mentally to prepare myself for the lustful temptations to not overtake my life.

1. Be in physical shape. You may think this is silly but it’s true for whatever lust you are going to overcome the next 30-days. Think about it if you are disciplined enough to stay healthy and fit, you can easily stop eating wrong foods, drinking, doing drugs and having pre-martial sex. If you just begin with having a desire to be your best physical shape these things will become secondary. Also, you need to be able to quickly RUN if you need to in order to get away from the temptation 🙂

2. Make declarations. I know if recent the power of words, law of attraction, ect. has been quite popular but it is true. By confessing what you want out of life placing visuals around your office, home, Instagram, or Pinterest. Do what you have to do to keep the ideal YOU before your eyes.

3. Develop a spiritual foundation. Without the help of God I would have fallen into sin so many times. I have ONLY been able to remain a virgin because He has kept me, but let me say I wanted to be kept. Below are a few scriptures I read daily to meditate on to keep me focused on walking this path. (1 John 2:26, 1 Cor. 6:12 & Phil. 4:6)

CALL TO ACTION: Implement one of these three steps in your life. Remember if you need more one-on-one help with this I’m here for YOU e-mail me at dleunlimited@gmail.com.