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Real Talk as opposed to Fake Talk:-) lol Real talk is what I wanted to introduce on today because I want to give people time to gather their thoughts. The deeper we get into this 30 Day Purity Pact the “realer” it’s going to be. This is my disclaimer I am in no way going to hurt your feelings on purpose, but my ultimate goal is to see you become the best YOU!

We are going to be dealing with some “real” issues that need real solutions. We can’t pray them away, ignore them, or stay in these situations so the way out is first finding out what are we really in. As mentioned before I’m on this journey with you, we can all be better. The swearing, pornography, the weed, or sweets addiction has not developed haphazardly. Whether we believe it our not many of us invited these things into our lives and if not we have for some reason let them stay around.

Get ready to CLEAN HOUSE.

CALL TO ACTION: Reply to this post with the first step you are going to take to clean out your house. I’ll put mine for encouragement. I’m going to disassociate myself with certain people via Facebook to stay focused.