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It’s FRIDAY night and I feel ALL right! Ok so some of y’all went back with me in that sentence lol. We have come a long way this week and jumped some major hurdles! So as we embrace this weekend let’s not forget what we have established to our new life:-)

1. We have said YES to this 30-Day Purity Pact.

2. We have overcome the Lust of the Eyes.

3. We accepted that REAL TALK is needed for us to stay on track.

4. We have to work hard to LOOK GOOD.

As we embark on this journey remember I like you is taking part in this 30Day Purity Pact. Let me be real this weekend we are all going to face some challenges but please refer back to this week’s post. Tonight is the night that will separate the boys from gentlemen and the girls from ladies. Tonight is the only night that matters now because we have read and stated we are going to commit to this lifestyle, but now every word and thought is about to be tested!

CALL TO ACTION: You can do this! Commit to just thinking the correct thoughts and the implementation will come natural.;-)