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The title of this blog is actually line in a song that the rapper is describing the things he is doing, which may be for older people. I agree with him that many young people are saying and thinking this. The lifestyle these children are living are not all brought on by themselves but rather us assisting them in living “this life”.

So what is “this life”? The life of hustling hard to be famous and rich. Young people do the most ridiculous things just to become known, popular or famous. There are numerous areas that teens face more so than years ago. For example, they are now singing and writing lyrics to songs about “summer flings” at age 12! Really?! “What you know about that?” This is what older audiences are thinking.

We are in shock but why? Our children current role models are Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashain, etc. who are “women” great at what they do but lack the reality of their influence on this generation. You can’t dress and act a certain way then turn around and say something contradicting your lyrics. Be true to who you really are because the young people are emulating the “true” you.

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I am currently working with high school students who some have told me that they are waiting until marriage but constantly listen to music like “Summer Fling”. They don’t understand the power of words and the subconscious I let them know you can’t listen, sing and dance to all that while expecting to keep your pants on in a heated moment. It’s a little blunt but I have to keep it 100 on how life really is. Life is more than a song your actions have consequences.

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Let’s hear the young people’s outcry “I’m too young for this…” They shouldn’t be deciding on who they are dating and “hooking up” with as a teen. We wonder why teens think they are grown, it’s because we are giving them adult responsibilities in an immature mind.

I believe teens are more intelligent than ever before but being smart does not make you mature. Somethings are only learned through experiences and some things shouldn’t be experienced at age 12. We should direct our teens to lead in more positive ways and encourage them when they are doing more positive things than posing in little bikini’s on Instagram.

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CALL TO ACTION: Encourage a teen this weekend that being young is cool don’t rush into adult responsibilities.

Scripture: “Run from anything that stimulates youthful lusts. Instead, pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace. Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.” (1 Timothy 2:22)

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