Press Release

Delisha Easley

The Why, the How, and the Necessity of Abstinence

New author of Not Everyone’s Having Sex and life coach, Delisha Easley, speaks from the heart about living a celibate life. Her experience and knowledge, compacted into this small, yet powerful book, will help the reader understand the realm of sex as God intended it-beautiful within the confines of marriage.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, [Date-January 31, 2012]—In a sex-driven society, its hard to believe that single people can successfully live celibate lives. Author Delisha Easley, however, writes from experience that this, in fact, is possible. She addresses the societal influences as well as reveals the key to a celibate lifestyle. Do you want to know who’s not having sex in the twenty-first century? Read Easley’s new book Not Everyone’s Having Sex.

Abstinence is a viable option against the effects of pre-marital sex. “I think we’ve written off abstinence-only education without looking closely at the nature of the evidence…our study shows this could be one approach that could be used” stated John B. Jemmott III, a University of Pennsylvania professor who led the federally funded study on the subject. Sarah Brown, leader of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, said, “This new study is game-changing…for the first time, there is strong evidence that an abstinence-only intervention can help very young teens delay sex.” Abstinence isn’t popular, but it is the only sure-fire way to avoid unwanted pregnancies, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), and other undesirable effects of sex before marriage.

Not Everyone’s Having Sex directly addresses the current STI, HIV and AIDS, as well as pregnancy epidemics. It is especially geared toward young adults and teens that need to know the consequences of sex outside of marriage. They need to know it is possible to live single and happily without being sexually active. Sex is truly not everything. Easley’s book gives young adults and teens the encouragement they need to abstain from pre-marital sex.

If knowledge about sex and abstinence is a priority, then log onto and pick up your copy of Not Everyone’s Having Sex Today!

If you would like to contact Delisha Easley or receive more information, please call Delisha at 707.685.5513 or write to DLE Unlimited, LLC at PO Box 1358, Dixon, CA 95620.

2 thoughts on “Press Release”

  1. I believe that the god of the bible hates me bucaese I am female. Why else would god want me to be a slave of some man. I rejected christianity bucaese of this, but cannot reject the hate those words have cause. When I was 17, I was forced to attend church by my parents. The one day I was paying attention, those horrible words were read. My life changed at that moment. I began to hate all men, thinking all they wanted to do was dominate and be my head . Thirty years later, I have rejected christianity, but I have not gotten over the hate that it has caused. I still have not had any relationship with a man bucaese of those words. I read those horrible verses if I start to like someone or become attracted to someone-and I run the other way. I have also develeped a strong self-hatred. While I do not believe in the god of the bible, those terrible words have not left my concious mind. These words have ruined my life-it’s my fault-I let them. the point of the story of my sad, miserable life is not to change anyone’s opinion. Everyone is free (or not free) to live the way they want. I just wanted to disclose that those horrible words can very negatively affect a person’s life. I knew that moment 30 years ago that my life would be changed, and that I would never be able to like, or even tolerate, men. I thought at 17, and even now, that I really don’t need a head . It made me think of marriage as slavery. I left christianity at 18, why do I still have such negative views? Why did I let those horrible words ruin my life? If I ever got married (it would take 100 years of therapy) I would only settle for an equal marriage. All my friends and relatives have equal marriages. But bucaese of those words read in church 30 years ago, I will never be able to have an equal marriage. Any words for me-I need to get over christinity’s views of me. I cannot worship a god who wants slavery for me. I will say, I’ve kept the bible’s view of women shutting up in church-since I have never gone back. Christianity is a choice, but our subconsious thoughts are not, and cannot be rejected so easily. I know that christianity and the bible are like poison to me, but the hurt and rejection of god is still there. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • Hi Reizy,

      First of all my apologies for being out of the loop and taking so long to respond to your post. However you may e-mail me directly at I would love to discuss more of this with you and be an encourager as you move forward in life.


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